It isn't easy deciding which preschool to send your child to. There tend to be a variety of different alternatives available in any community, with some featuring a different style of teaching and learning than others.

There are a number of benefits to attending Montessori schools, with some children gaining an advantage from this learning environment starting in preschool. 

Your child is an individual. His or her learning and development is important to you. That's why you're taking your time, finding the "just right" educational environment for your child. Even though there are a seemingly endless array of schools with different educational philosophies and curriculum-focused programs, a Montessori education is a choice that can benefit your child for a lifetime.

Part of the Montessori experience is the opportunity for children to express themselves creatively through art. Art isn't just all finger paints and clay play. It's a way for young child to explore, make discoveries and develop critical skills.

If you understand the types of art activities your child chooses to participate in at school, you can better understand what he or she is doing all day. It can also help you to continue the education at home with your own Montessori-inspired art activities.

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