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Preschool Programs in Keller, TX

If you're the parent of a toddler, you might be starting to think about where you’re going to
send your little one to preschool. If you're having a difficult time choosing between preschool programs in Keller, TX, discover what we at Joyous Montessori have to offer. After you look at our programs, we
hope you'll find that your decision is a little easier to make.


Trust Our Methods

At Joyous Montessori, we believe in the
Montessori philosophy, so we make sure that all our students get one-on-one time with our qualified teachers.  we are very careful to keep
classes small so that your children get the care and attention they need.

We have a variety of programs for children ages six weeks to 11 years old. We even provide after-school programs in our Keller, TX, location to
better fit working parents' schedules.

Some of our programs include:

  • Infant daycare
  • Pre-toddler class
  • Transitional toddler class
  • Primary class
  • After-school program
  • Enrichment program
  • Summer program

If you would like to learn more about the after-school and preschool programs that we offer
in Keller, TX, and other areas, then just click on the “Our Programs” drop-down menu above.


Learn From the Best

All our teachers are fully trained and certified, and they are familiar with the Montessori philosophy. Our teachers
ensure their classrooms are safe and welcoming environment
for the children, and they make sure they pay close, one-on-one attention to each child.

We pride ourselves on our low student-to-teacher ratios in our preschool and after-school
programs because we want each child to get the care and attention he or she needs.


Let Your Child Excel

The Montessori system is designed to help your
children excel not only in academics and the arts but also in every aspect of their lives. Instead of trying to
force each child to fit the same learning mold, we develop learning programs that are crafted for each individual

Help your child reach his or her full potential by enrolling them in a joyous Montessori classroom. You will be amazed by how
much your child can achieve in the right environment.


Learn More About Your Options

If you think you and your family could benefit from our Montessori after-school and preschool programs, please contact us to learn more about
your options.

We would love for you and your child to join the Joyous Montessori community. If you live in
the Keller, TX, area, please give us a call at (817) 431-6661. We would love to further discuss how
we can help you meet your child’s developmental needs.


Makes Joyous Montessori Different From Other Caregivers in our Area?

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