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Annual Calendar 2024-2025

Calendar for Academic Year 2024-2025

August 2024

12th - Academic Year begins

Review of Math, Science and Language

September 2024

2nd - School closed for Labor Day

23rd to 27th - Parent Conferences

Themes: North America, The Sun, Mountains, What Happens in the Fall?, Transportation: BUSES

October 2024

31st - Halloween Party

Themes: South America, Lincoln, Mercury, Rainforests, Cars

November 2024

Children will make cards for community helpers 21st - Thanksgiving feast

27th to 29th - School closed for Thanksgiving

Themes: Europe, Pilgrims, Venus, Temperate Forests, Trucks

December 2024

18th - Christmas Party

19th - Ornament Night at 4 PM

24th - Early release at 2:00 PM

25th to 26th - School closed for Christmas

Themes: North Pole, Franklin Roosevelt, Mars, Tundra, Sleigh

January 2025

1st - School closed for New Year

20th - School closed for Martin Luther King’s Birthday

Themes: Africa, Martin Luther King, Jr. Jupiter, Taiga, Airplane Art Exhibitions (Protect Nature)

February 2025

14th - Valentine Day's Party

26th - Montessori Awareness Day

Themes: Antarctica, Saturn, who is the President and what does he do? - Joe Biden, Deserts, Train

March 2025

27th – Celebrate Spring; Bring a plant science exhibition in the gym

Themes: Australia, Women’s Month – Susan B. Anthony, Uranus, Grasslands, Boats

April 2025

18th - Good Friday-School closed

Themes: Asia, George Washington, Earth, Savannah, Motorcycles

Parent-Teachers Meeting (Book Appointment)

May 2025

5th to 9th - Teacher Appreciation Week 19th to 23rd – Multicultural Week

26th – School closed for Memorial Day

History projects from primary students.

Themes: Thomas Jefferson, Neptune, Savannah

June 2025

Montessori work review!
No uniform for summer!!

Review of Math, Science and Language Arts, and crafts

July 2025

3rd - Independence Day Parade

4th - School closed for Independence Day

Review of Math, Science and Language Arts, and crafts