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Parents Say

We have been with Joyous Montessori since my daughter was 18 months. She is now almost 3, and I couldn't be happier with our experience with this school. She has learned SO much from her teachers, and she can't wait to tell me what she learned in class when I pick her up from school. The teachers are all amazing, caring, and treat my daughter and the other kids like their own. I will stay here until she's too old to attend!

Taylor Francis

My son has been coming to this school for over a year, and we love it. He gets so excited to show off his work, and tell me about the things he did and learned. I am constantly impressed with the school and teachers, and glad we made the decision to enroll him.

Sarah Martin

We've had our twins at Joyous since they were 3 months old and we've had nothing but a great experience! The teachers Miss Tammy and Miss Zahida are very warm and caring with our children and we know they are getting the best care there is outside of home! I would highly recommend Joyful to anybody in the Lewisville area!

Allison Goulard

We enrolled our little guy (2.5 yrs old) at this school two months ago and he loves it! When it comes to picking him up in the afternoon we have to peel him away from the classroom. That, in our opinion says a lot about the teachers and the care and activities that they provide. Hopefully that doesn't say anything about our parenting though. 🙂

The teachers and staff are great. They are super attentive, patient, and caring with the kids. We see evidence of this because our son comes home learning something new everyday (numbers, songs, etc).

Definitely would recommend Joyous Montessori!

Zaid Ally

My daughter and son attend Joyous and we couldn't be happier with their results. They are both thriving in their language and social development skills. Everyday Ava will say what "new" thing she is learning and how she loves her teacher and her friends. We recently moved here from Austin and were a little worried about the transition and how that would affect our children. But Joyous put many of our concerns to rest. This is a very loving, caring and nurturing place for your child. Thank you Joyous!!! Ferguson Family

Kimberly Ferraro

My daughter has been going to Joyous for a little over 2 years now. She absolutely loves the school and all of the teachers. She has learned so much since she started attending this school. She has even started learning to add numbers. Everyone is always so impressed about how intelligent she is as a four year old. We as parents could not be more happy with Joyous. We are also looking forward to our daughter starting the piano lessons that Joyous will be offering in March. If you are looking for a pre school, please consider this school.... You will not regret it.

Michelle Monk

My daughter has gone to this school for 2 years. We are so comfortable with the staff, that even after moving we chose to keep her in this school (30 minute commute for a preschool is a big deal to me). My daughter is now 3 and she's wayyyy ahead of most peers. She's great with practical/life skills (pours her own juice and can make a bowl of cereal on her own to name a couple), knows site words & is starting to read a little, has great comprehension and communication skills, and overall is very mature since the school focuses on life skills as much as academics. I plan to keep her here through kindergarten. Highly recommend.

Chauncey Pham

Our daughter absolutely loves her classmates and teacher! She is learning so much, so quickly - it is amazing! The staff is helpful, caring, attentive... What more could you ask for?!?

Jennifer Lanning

My son is two and has been attending Joyous Montessori since he was 6 months. The teachers there have made our experience so wonderful, my son has grown and learned a tremendous amount while there at Joyous Montessori. They are kind and treat him as though he was one of their own. They take great pride and getting to know each of the children on a individual level, that they notice even the slightest change in the child and have such open communication with the parents that parents and teachers are a team on their childs journey. The staff is great and are there if you ever have any questions. My son will be a Jouyous Montessori for a long time!

Christina Titus

Wonderful school! Our boys love the teachers, BIG classrooms, CLEAN, wonderful staff, fantastic communication with the parents & a great price! We love it!

Catherine H

We love Joyous Montessori! The teachers genuinely care for all the children and love what they do. Our 3 1/2 year old attends Joyous and soon our other son will be joining too!

Stacie Sung

My daughter had been at a regular preschool/daycare and was doing well, however I would always feel like something was missing. Every time I would pick her up she would start crying and run to me ready to go! She started attending Joyous at the beginning of August and what a difference. I feel like she's learning more and her attitude is completely different. When I show up to get her in the afternoons she just looks at me, says hi mom and doesn't even attempt to come to me. I have to go to her and say, "it's time to go". We love this school!

Sarah Lajudice

My wife and I love Joyous Montessori. Ever since our boys started going there they are listening better, communicating more clearly, going to the potty by themselves and they sleep more soundly at night. My kids come home asking for more teacher everyday! They love the friends they've made and we're happy our children are happy and learning about the world.

Kenneth Meech

My daughter loves this Montessori and I am very pleased with the care they provide.She loves her teachers,friends and the activities at school.Everyday she surprises me with a new song,painting or a word that has been taught.The teachers are very caring and friendly.They take effort in potty training which I am very happy about.All the best to the Team !!

Vidya S