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Child's Learning

The Montessori Educational system is a unique concept that has become more and more recognized across the country over the years. As Montessori is unique, so are different Montessori Schools. Joyous Montessori believes in a “one to one” approach. Our commitment to the Montessori philosophy, along with our passion for caring for and loving the wonderful children entrusted to us, makes Joyous special and unique to our communities.

This individual attention involves families in the educational process, as well as the student. Students receive personal attention daily and their parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in their child’s learning. This approach helps to offer a support system for each student that promotes their growth and helps them achieve major goals in their academic lives.

With everyone participating in a student’s education, the principles of the Montessori Philosophy is amplified for the benefit of the students at Joyous Montessori.

The program focuses on 5 Basic Modules of Montessori.

1. Practical Life
2. Sensory Materials
3. Math Materials
4. Language Materials
5. Cultural Materials

Each Module represents a process that promotes independence, responsibility and a mindset that encourages problem-solving and critical thinking for children. This is the key to productive and responsible adults. In each class, teachers give instructions to students, and students are required to understand those instructions and to progress through each module of learning based on those instructions.

Teachers do more than merely talk to their students. They provide critical information on each process and then pair students with other students, of varying ages, to fulfill the tasks in each module. One key part of the philosophy of Montessori is the theory that children learn best when they are exercising a hands-on approach, and when they are learning from other children. This teaches valuable leadership skills for both the younger and older students.

The results speak for themselves. Students have gone on to successful and productive lives mirroring their educational standards learned while at Joyous Montessori.

Beginning with the Practical Life Module, children are exposed to skills such as hand-eye coordination, learning to sit in one place, building focus, and learning to have goals. These are basic ideas that promote long-term success in each student.

Both Math and Language Modules at Joyous use a step by step process to teach skills for life. We make the process seem simple, but the results of this approach exceed that of the average education in this country today.
By utilizing the See-Feel-Touch technique and redefining how we approach activities, we create a different mindset regarding education. When a child is using the Montessori materials, instead of referring to this as an “activity”, the Montessori Method calls it “work.” The process of learning that concept permeates children’s thinking, and helps them acclimate to adulthood progressively. They become accustomed to knowing they are responsible for themselves and for learning valuable life skills.

Our Language Module introduces the hardest concept before the easiest. Learning the hardest letters and words first gives the child momentum to move through the process more successfully. Results have confirmed that it works well for our students.

The final segment is the Cultural Module. As with each previous Module, Cultural is designed to help teach life skills. We use critical information about our planet, the eco-system, continents, lifeforms and landforms to make children aware of their own Eco Footprint and teach them to be responsible for maintaining the planet during their lives. Students gain practical life experiences through monthly projects and local outdoor projects. They enjoy the opportunity to collect living and non-living items, and they gain practical life experiences along with responsibility.

Not only are we focused on educational training, but Joyous also engages students in Music, Art and Physical Fitness. Competitive events and special projects offer opportunities to showcase talent and create the desire to excel.

Everything about Joyous Montessori is designed most importantly to adhere to the philosophy that is the Montessori Module. Using that Module along with our personal touch, our goal is teaching Accountability, Life Skills, Independence and Concern for Our Environment, as well as standard educational goals that ensure success beyond Joyous.