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Summer is here, and while most public schools are out, Joyous Montessori never stops working hard to give their students the best educational experiences possible. During the school year we focus on academics, including early arithmetic and beginning writing skills. During the summer, however, we like to branch out a little bit and offer programming that gives the children a chance to develop their practical, social and artistic skills. Here are some of the special programs we’ve put into place

Art Class: This summer we have been teaching our students how to create great art with nothing but a single sheet of paper – Origami. Every Tuesday, the children have been learning how to make everything from puppies to boats, and they are so proud to show off their masterpieces to their parents!

Cooking Class: At Joyous Montessori Keller, we like to emphasize the importance of developing healthy habits and eating healthy foods. On the second and fourth Wednesdays, we teach children how to create and enjoy vegan nut-free treats that they can make easily with just a few simple ingredients. So far, we have made microwave nachos, with fruit smoothies to follow later in the month.

Description: A picture containing indoor, table, small, young Description: A picture containing person, indoor, young, man

Science Experiments: In Montessori schools, children learn by doing, and there’s no better way to teach science than to show them how to create amazing experiments using household materials. Here is our recent experiment, the Rainbow Jar.

Description: A picture containing person, table, woman, young Description: A picture containing person, table, woman, young

Children dyed different household substances, including honey, dishwashing liquid, oil and rubbing alcohol, and poured them on top of each other in layers. Lighter substances floated above the denser liquids, and we discussed why they separate rather than mix.

Creative Dramatics: In the oldest class, Hercules, the children have been learning how to act out popular fairy tales. The goal is to have at least one video performance involving the entire class each month during the summer. Here is a photo of the class working on The Little Red Hen.

Description: A group of people posing for the camera

Creative dramatics like this help children develop their oral language skills, and they also develop their sequencing skills. They also get to dress up like their favorite animals! 

At Joyous Montessori, we believe that children learn best by doing, and education doesn’t end in May. We are having a great summer, and it’s been a rewarding experience for everyone!